The Next Game is….


So I have finally finished Extermination for the PS2 and now I am on to my next game which is Superman Returns for the PS2. Now there haven’t really been any good reviews for this game and I do remember having fond memories playing this game (well at least flying around that is), so I thought that I would be in my best interest to replay the game and see if it still holds up to my memories or is this game complete trash like most people say..

Well I am currently two hours into the game and the combat style is hit or miss, and after the Warworld level, I spent about an hour and fifteen minutes fighting off Metallos army. Now the game says I am 44% complete with the game and I just got to Bizarro Superman. Its not the best Superman game but I am going to 100% this just to see anything else before I write a review on it.

What are your thoughts?

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