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The Daily Retro Podcast Ep.2: VG Shopping and How to Collect

The Daily Retro Ep.2 

VG Shopping and How to start Collecting

Hello everyone! Retro Mark Here and Welcome to the Daily Retro Podcast! Today I will be going over several topics about collecting videogames and shopping for them! There are tons of people that ask where I find my videogames and I go into why I rarely shop for them online. Another topic discussed, is retrogaming worth getting into and how can that evolve into collecting.

Topics That are Discussed in todays Podcast:

  • How do I shop for videogames?
  • Is retrogaming worth getting into?
  • The price of video games skyrocketing?
  • Will the retro bubble pop?
  • Steps to collecting

Let me know in the comments below or email me what you want discussed next and also don’t forget to let me know your way of collecting. How did you start out? Is there a method to the madness? There are so many different way of collecting and playing videogames that it is unreal. As all ways thanks for listening in and I will see you on the next Adventure!

~ Retro Mark

The Daily Retro ep.1: The Snyder Cut and DCEU

Finally entering the world of Podcasting!! So let start the Adventure!

Today I will talk about:

-The Justice League: The Snyder Cut!

-Is it better than the theatrical cut? is there any room for improvement?

-What is the fate of the DCEU?

Listen in to find out what are some of the answers to the burning questions and comment below what you guys think!

*Podcast will be available soon! So please be patient!

Lets all find out together!

Update: What’s New?!

Okay so I know that I don’t update my website much but I am going to start making an effort to do more with it! So what is new?! Well, I just published my latest review for the SEGA MEGA DRIVE called CURSE and boy is it a good one!

Also there’s going to be a podcast attached to the new stuff post such as the Daily Retro and more where I will talk about just about everything nerdy and explain a few things that are coming up!

Still working on a game plan but don’t worry it will all come together soon!

`Retro Mark


Wow!! in just a few short hours I have managed to add more stuff to website!

Added SEGA LOGO in CONSOLES [nonworking link as of right now] Once the SEGA page is completed, this is where all SEGA Consoles will be going.

Redesigned NINTENDO LOGO in CONSOLES and is a working hyperlink (just click the image)

Added New Page: NINTENDO and added SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT CONSOLE image [nonworking link] The Nintendo Page is where all of the Nintendo Consoles will be going

Added INFO to 10-Yard Fight in the NES Game List [0-9]

I have tested links and all are working correctly. Going from CONSOLES>NINTENDO>NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM>GAME LIST [0-9]> 10-Yard Fight seems to be working correctly.

Let me know what you guys think! I have worked on making this Mobile Friendly as well so if something is not working, let me know here or e-mail me in the CONTACT menus and I will try to fix the problem.

Stay Retro my friends!

~Retro Mark


Hello Everyone!!

There have been some updates to the site now! The new editions are:

Added new Menu option: Consoles

Added New Page: Consoles (unfortunately there is only Nintendo Entertainment System)

Added New Page: Nintendo Entertainment System [under CONSOLES Menu]. This page has info on the console itself as well as added Game List to NES page with hyperlinks to their respective Number or Letter.

As of right now, When you click on the links to 0-9 and [A] on the Nintendo Entertainment System Page under GAME LIST, there are added Box Art to the Games themselves for better viewing on mobile devices and for those that have limited sight (for the lack of better words).

From now on though, If the game list does not have a Box Art cover and only shows the name of the game, that will indicate that there is not review for the game. I would like to clarify that the only reason that there is Box Art for 0-9 and [A] was because of a test run with the website to see if it would work or not. I really didn’t want to go with a standard word format list.

Added Different Theme Color Changes

Added Updated Contact: For those of you that wish to contact me through e-mail wanting a Game Request or Review or you just want to say HI!

Modern Bytes Ep. 1

Hello Everyone!! Sorry there has been a delay in making post or really anything but I have been busy! So for everyone out there, I am currently Posting game request on TikTok and I have over 29K followers!! Super Amazing and a big thank you to everyone that follows!! Since I am gaining some ground with Subscribers on Youtube (currently over 500) and TikTok. I have created Modern Bytes which is short videos [hince Byte sized] that are easy to digest anywhere you are. It also helps me to produce more content on Youtube instead of full 10-15 min reviews which are, to me, exhausting. But I will still be doing reviews and writing them here on the website. So right now there are many things to come and here for you to watch is the first episode of Modern Bytes!!

~Retro Mark

Finally Free time!

Wow the beginning of this year has been rough for everyone. I finally Graduated College and now I have the free time I need to work on the website. There are new additions that I wanted to share with everyone such as Pricing of games when they first came out, The release dates are something new that I wanted to add to all games. I also added a list of all games for 40 Best Windows 95 Games as well as hyperlinks to the pages, also adding more information on the homepage of it as well.

Hope All Is Well

~ Retro Mark

Revamping the Titles a Bit

Just small update! I am currently revamping the “title screens” for THE GAMES THAT NEVER WERE Section. The one that is finished it 40 BEST WINDOWS 95 GAMES and I would really love your input on how I did. Constructional Criticism is welcomed since I am still new at working out the kinks on the website. I am basically trying to be Informative and giving a page similar to what it would look like when the CD-ROM came out.

Also I am currently working on getting a list compiled on the pages with hyperlinks added to them for easier access to the pages for those on tablets and phones.

~ Retro Mark