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Wow!! in just a few short hours I have managed to add more stuff to website! Added SEGA LOGO in CONSOLES [nonworking link as of right now] Once the SEGA page is completed, this is where all SEGA Consoles will be going. Redesigned NINTENDO LOGO in CONSOLES and is a working hyperlink (just click the … Continue reading Update


Hello Everyone!! There have been some updates to the site now! The new editions are: Added new Menu option: Consoles Added New Page: Consoles (unfortunately there is only Nintendo Entertainment System) Added New Page: Nintendo Entertainment System [under CONSOLES Menu]. This page has info on the console itself as well as added Game List to … Continue reading Update

Modern Bytes Ep.3

Color Dreams is known for making some of the best Christian games around right? Well except for the game ROBODEMONS that apparently is the complete opposite of that. The question remains though… is it really all that bad?

Modern Bytes Ep. 2

Modern Bytes Ep. 2 is now Live!! If you want to relive one of the best games for the Nintendo 64, then Jet Force Gemini is the game for you!!

Modern Bytes Ep. 1

Hello Everyone!! Sorry there has been a delay in making post or really anything but I have been busy! So for everyone out there, I am currently Posting game request on TikTok and I have over 29K followers!! Super Amazing and a big thank you to everyone that follows!! Since I am gaining some ground … Continue reading Modern Bytes Ep. 1

Finally Free time!

Wow the beginning of this year has been rough for everyone. I finally Graduated College and now I have the free time I need to work on the website. There are new additions that I wanted to share with everyone such as Pricing of games when they first came out, The release dates are something … Continue reading Finally Free time!

New Games Added!

Finally gotten around to reviewing a few games for 40 BEST WINDOWS 95 GAMES! It has taken some time but I would like to stress that It is hard to review games that have little information to them. Some games/utilities are hard to review and i would like to not “review” them in the traditional … Continue reading New Games Added!

Who loves this series?

I finally have my hands on series 1 of the X-Files Figures! I have been wanting this for a long time! I have been watching the show ever since season 1 and every time change, season change and so forth. I’m not a big toy collector but when it come to the X-Files, how can … Continue reading Who loves this series?


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