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PS3 No longer supported by PS PLUS

Its a sad time indeed, PS PLUS will no longer be supported on the PS3 and the PS Vita. For anyone that has games already downloaded on or has them on their library, you should still be able to download games that you have previously “purchased” from PS PLUS. Now I am not sure if this is going to be true or not but I would honestly download what I could on an extra hard drive just to make sure. The cut off date is March 8, 2019, this is the date in which PS PLUS is no longer supported on the PS3 and PS Vita.

Below is the Email for reference.

Screenshot (9)



And the Review is in for FLYING DRAGON <— Go ahead and click the link here to read the Review or you can always go through the links above in the header! You know I will have to say that this game is something of a hidden gem. It has a good story and something of a unique fighting style for the NES! Check back later for the Video to be up and posted for gameplay footage and a Video Review!

~Retro Mark

I’m shocked

Right now I am playing Flying Dragon at the moment for the NES and I am quite shocked to see how much was put into the game. Don’t get me wrong it is no means a perfect game but Culture Brain did put in a decent story, interesting combat system and a nice challenge to it. Expect a review for this and one more game because this will be a 2 part series on YouTube!

Prima Games to Close its doors…


It has been a sad week for us all. First the PS3 servers are shutting down with some games and now Prima Games is closing their doors after 20+ years of great service to gamers everywhere. I still have a hefty collection of strategy guides and I will still collect them to this day. I feel that it is a missing link to gaming. There is something about reading a strategy guide and getting the story, background info, character info, items and level layouts that is just the best! Now don’t get me wrong not every Strategy guide is created equal and Prima Games were the best and still are. There are several different Strategy Guide out the from the UNAUTHORIZED, TOTALLY UNAUTHORIZED, BRADY GAMES, PIGGY-BACK, VERSUS BOOK and many more out there waiting to be claimed. I think that not only is it a financial reason they are closing doors but the fact that nobody really wants a strategy guide with their game not to mention most games nowadays a pretty linear and don’t need one but there is RPG’s out there that do require a Strategy guide such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. One other thing is the price, who is really going to shell out $24.99 for a paperback book? I remember when they were $14.99-$19.99. and some of them go for $49.99 for collectors edition. It is really a shame that this is becoming a lost art for video games everywhere. Now we live in a digital age where we can just look up what we need.

And the Review is In!


Goodness there has been a lot that has been going on and trying to get a review out is madness!!

Superman Returns for the PS2 is something of a hit or miss and really is an easy game to beat. Not only did it take a few hours to beat but it is lacking in content seriously. Its medicore game play and lack of story doesn’t add to the excitement of the game but it does have redeeming qualities but you are going to have to read the review to find out more!!! More Superman games abound!!

PS3 Servers Shutting Down

Well its finally happening…servers for Twisted Metal, Warhawk, PS All star Battles and Sound shapes servers are finally shutting down. I have received this email just an hour ago (below is the email) and it is sad to hear that some games are finally going offline but don’t fret for those of you that still are playing these games albeit rarely playing them.

You can still play them on offline mode its just that you won’t be able to play them online unless you have an ancient ceremony called a LAN party. Its going to be tough to start saying goodbye to some of these games. I have noticed that on the PS3 that some games aren’t available anymore for download.

The PS3 is already 13 years old and the PS4 about 4 years old. Most of us have already forgotten our PS3 and gone to better systems but one question remains on the plate…



Review will be up soon!


For the past four days I have played Superman Returns for the Ps2 and I have a pretty good grasp on the game and everything it has to offer. Now my totally play time is around four and half hours and 75% completed but with  that, I think I can write a review of the game. Now I have beaten this game before but was long ago, I really wanted to just play the game so I could see if this was any good just like the way I use to remember.

The Next Game is….


So I have finally finished Extermination for the PS2 and now I am on to my next game which is Superman Returns for the PS2. Now there haven’t really been any good reviews for this game and I do remember having fond memories playing this game (well at least flying around that is), so I thought that I would be in my best interest to replay the game and see if it still holds up to my memories or is this game complete trash like most people say..

Well I am currently two hours into the game and the combat style is hit or miss, and after the Warworld level, I spent about an hour and fifteen minutes fighting off Metallos army. Now the game says I am 44% complete with the game and I just got to Bizarro Superman. Its not the best Superman game but I am going to 100% this just to see anything else before I write a review on it.

What are your thoughts?

Been Awhile so here is a Review!

Its been awhile since I last could review anything and I have been trying to get back on track! So for your reading pleasure is my first Playstation 2 Review EXTERMINATION!


You play as Dennis Riley, a USMC out on a Recon Mission to a research facility in Antarctica but things aren’t going to be looking bright for Dennis as a Viral Outbreak has happened there! Do you have what it take to exterminate the virus before its to late?


With Halloween approaching ever so close, I have been thinking about different HORROR games that really scared me besides the obvious games like SILENT HILL and RESIDENT EVIL. Those games are staples in the Horror community and deserve to be there. ALRIGHT HERE WE GO!

Which HORROR game scared you the most?





5. SCP-86





10. KUON

I WANT TO HERE FROM YOU! If you don’t see the game that scared you the most on this list then go ahead and put it in the comments below! I am always up for a good scary game and I am wanting to here from you!!