You and The DARING SUPER ACE are engaged in realistic, thrilling, and challenging high flying batteries with the enemy. You must control SUPER ACE over the land, sea and in the air through 32 different scenes. To win, you must reach Tokyo and destroy the remaining enemy aircraft!

While you and the SUPER ACE are fighting the enemy aircraft, you can press or hold the B button and that will destroy the enemy. By destroying certain enemy formations, you can gain a POW which can level up you firepower by one! There are six levels of power to obtain and a special you can do which is called the Loop the Loop!

1942 is based of the Arcade cabient of the same name and is a darn good replica of it as well. The problem that the game suffers from is slow down when there are multiple enemies but other than that there really isn;t much tothe game but surviving the multiple waves of enemies that the game shoots you. Also we cant forget the bosses that are at the end of the levels….honestly they are a bit forgetable. I understand that when this game came out, this was pretty revolutionary at the time and a good replica but nowadays it feels really drawn out to get to the bosses and the levels feel to long. Still that should take away from the nostalgic game play.

Join Me on A Never Ending Adventure!

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