Atari 2600



Released: 09/11/1977                                Discontinued: 01/01/1992

The Atari 2600 was released in 1977 at a staggering $199 and was packaged with the first game COMBAT with eight other titles that came at launch. By the end of its time, there were over 30 Million units sold. It also had different input controllers for the time such as Joysticks, Paddles, Driving Controllers, Trak-Ball and a Keypad. Each game would need the requirement of one of these controls. Its best selling game of all time is PAC-MAN which sold over 7 million units! It has six different versions of the console; 6 switch models are CX2600 (one was heavier and the other lighter), 4 Switch models; CX-2600A, JAPAN ONLY Atari 2800 (Known as the Sears Video Arcade II), Atari 2600 and the Atari 2600 Jr. It was succeeded by the Atari 5200.


Processor: 6507

Speed: 1.19Mhz

RAM: 128 bytes

ROM: 4K Cartridge ROM space without bankswitching

Sound: TIA custom Atari graphics/sound chip.

Graphics: TIA custom Atari graphics/sound chip

Graphics RAM: None
Colors: 128
Sprites: 2, 8 bit wide; 2, 3, 1 bit wide; All sprites full screen height
Background Graphics: 40 pixels wide by 192 lines high.

I/O: Joystick and console switch IO handled byte 6532 RIOT and TIA

Ports: 2 Joystick ports, 1 Cartridge port, Power in, RF output


  1. BAD– This game is awful and should be thrown back into the dungeon where it came from.
  2. HMM– the game is neither good or bad its just there to exist
  3. OK– The game has some interesting quality to it
  4. GOOD– You leave beating this game with a sense of accomplishment but you know that you can’t really beat an Atari game or can you…
  5. GREAT– You can play this game over and over and feel good knowing that you have a great game on you hands.
  6. AMAZING– The best of the best video games belong here but is there an Atari game worth this score?
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