Released: 1979                                                            Console: Atari 2600

Adventure is a staple in the video game community because well lets face it, it was the first adventure game or was it… You controlled a bright yellow square that represented you as the player and it was up to you to get the chalice and return it to the castle. Along the way you will have to fight three magical dragons and bat that steals items and hides them in random rooms, making you explore every nook and cranny of the game.


By today’s standard, the game is relatively easy and what makes the game challenging is the dragons themselves. The player can find a sword and use it to their advantage to slay the three dragons that inhabit random rooms, that may or may not hold items. When picking up the sword you need to be careful in which the direction of the sword is pointing and watch out, the dragons do come at you pretty fast. There is no simple rotation of the sword, you have to drop it and take it from another side to switch positions.


What can make the game a bit more challenging is the fact that you can only carry one item at a time and you don’t know which item you are going to come across first as everything is random. I had a game start where the chalice appeared in the first level where the castle is, the only problem is that I didn’t have the key to unlock the castle. If you do manage to get an item stuck between objects you are going to have to reset your game.


The level design is amazing, from blue mazes that stretch up to four-six different screen to the yellow castle, this game has some beautiful colors to it. I can’t forget the sound, although very limited to this day, It is classic Atari sounds that make the game just all round a blast to play. To this day I still play this game and it is very fun and although I do die very often in the game, it seems that no two games are alike because of the random placement of objects.



  1. Has the first widely know Easter egg
  2. Is the graphical version of Colossal Cave Adventure (1977)
  3. A sequel was in the works but eventually panned out to become Swordquest


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