Released: 05/13/1976                                                         Console: Arcade, Atari 2600

Breakout is legendary! To this day there are several apps that need to give thanks for its revolutionary gameplay. I would have never even imagine that this game would leave such a lasting legacy. The concept of the game is that there are a layer of bricks on the top of the screen that are of various colors and you control the board on the bottom with a ball attached.


In this game you have to use the paddle controller to move the board back in forth as well as hitting the button to launch the ball and destroy the bricks. What surprises me even to this day is the fluidity of the controllers themselves. It is so smooth and responsive that if you lose the ball, well that was on you. The colors are fantastic and the sounds are the classic beeps and boops that we all know and love from Atari.


The gameplay is where this game really shines! It is so much fun to play and can get very addictive. Like I said before if it weren’t for the fluid paddle controller, then this game would have suffered major draw back if being played by the joystick. The artwork is something that I’m not to sure about, is that tennis that they are playing on the cover? I do think that the art work doesn’t do the game justice, but it is a very fun game to play none the less.




  1. Is a port of the Arcade game of the same name
  2. Its sequel is SUPER BREAKOUT (1978)
  3. Spawned several clones which one of the more notable one is Taito’s Arkanoid
  4. Holding down the center of the original Ipod in the ABOUT menu had BREAKOUT appear
  5. Atari S.A. released an enhanced version of the game back in 2011 called BREAKOUT BOOST, updating the graphics and giving powerups to the game.


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