8 Eyes

Castlevania Clone with Mega Man Style Levels

Developer: SETA                                                                   Release: 1988

After hundreds of years of chaos, mankind has finally emerged from the ruins of a nuclear war. This world of the distant future has once again flourished under the guidance of the Great King, who harnessed the power of the 8 Eyes. And what are the 8 Eyes you asked, well that’s a good question because apparently you can’t beat this game unless you have two players with you!!

8 eyes f

You are Orin the Flaconer who has a falcon on his shoulder at all times, Cutrus that is a big pain in the ass to have with you. So what are the 8 eyes? Well from what the manual says, there were eight nuclear explosion and in the center of each explosion was the one of the 8 eyes. The Great King Took all of them under his watch and rebuilt humanity, now the Great King’s eight Dukes’ have seized control over the 8 eyes and fight who will control humanity. It is up to you Orin to retrieve the 8 eyes and return them to the Altar of Peace so that the Great King can finish rebuilding the Earth. Confused? Yeah so am I.

8 eyesf

The levels are so inspired by Castlevania that it’s not even funny. I would have to almost call this a clone. Every level or world has different monsters and the level design is pretty clever. The graphics are clean and crisp while showing off some interesting color to the level. Enemy designs are crystal clear and I was surprised at how many enemies in certain levels show up on screen even when though there is slow down when this happens. Collecting Items are exactly the same as in Castlevania, but instead of hearts that you collect from lights and other destructible things, you kill monsters for crosses, some which are white that fill your item bar ammo and red crosses that are either split between Orin and Cutrus when he perched on your shoulder, You when Cutrus is not anywhere near you and you collect it or Cutrus collects them in midair and you get nothing.


The controls are stiff as a tank but are well manageable, I feel as though this is a direct clone of Castlevania. Selecting Items is quick and painless from tapping the Start button, the only real problem that I had with the controls was with Cutrus. There is no real way of controlling the bird unless you have two players involved, otherwise its only Up on the D-pad and A to release the bird and he just flies around head level. Of course you can call him back by pressing the same buttons or doing a useless swooping attack (Down and A button) that is only good for hitting switches at a correct time but even then that is a hassle. This part of the controls are ridiculous. You have a short sword attack and the reach on it is very short to the point that enemies have a longer range than you have.


The Music is par and nothing special so nothing is being missed here. At the beginning of the game you are treated to a Mega Man style level select but here is where things get real nasty. There is indeed a certain level to go to ever time but you have no idea which one you need to go to first as they are all open and ready to explore. This means once you reach the end of the level to defeat a certain boss, if you don’t have the correct sword to beat him with (oh did I forget to mention that you have to obtain certain swords to defeat the bosses with other wise they are immune?) then you are screwed. You can use Cutrus to attack the boss and he will deal small damage but not enough to survive the torment. The only hint that you are given is *The sword you start with is weak and only good for a country near France. SO how the hell are you suppose to know this with out the manual? Most people including me would have started on the first level that is already selected Arabia!

Final Thoughts: 8 Eyes could have been a lot better if it weren’t for you having to control a bird for certain parts of the levels, Cutrus is almost to the point useless aside from tapping switches. The game itself is somewhat enjoyable if not a clone of Castlevania and the story sounds pretty interesting. It is challenging and has simple controls apart from Cutlus. If you can find a second player to join in then it would probably be a better game. To bad in these days that pretty hard to come by…

SCORE: 6/10

GRAPHICS:            7 = The graphics look crisp and good and the monster creations are fun to see

SOUND:                  6 = Nothing out of the ordinary here and to memorable remember just your standard NES fare music and sound effect

CONTROLS:           7 = They feel just like Castlevania and that’s a good thing depending on the side you are on. Controlling Cutrus on the other hand is a nightmare.

REPLAY:                5 = The game itself is a challenge if you can figure out what place to go first and next but presents itself with an adventure that you could almost forget if it weren’t for the story.

* Taken from 8 Eyes Manual

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