Abadox – The Deadly Inner War

The War Goes Inside The Worst Place

Developer: Natsume                                                              Released: 1989

Abadox – The Deadly Inner War was developed by none other than Natsume, the people now largely know for producing the Harvest Moon Series over here in the USA. Published by Milton Bradley in 1989, Abadox is a multi-viewed space shooter that takes place out in space for a brief moment and then the rest is in side of a living monster planet that consumes any and everything in its path. As for the story its not your typical run of the mill shooter; *Set in the year 5012, a strange cytoplasmic creature is sighted in your galaxy (the Milky way?), It’s Parasitis! A Deadly, formless mass which feeds on all life forms and assumes the shape of it swallowed prey! Parasitis rapidly advances upon your home planet Abadox, and engulfs it!


Wow that’s quite a story and that’s not all of it, on top of that you still have to save the princess, Princess Maria. Yeah you kinda of need to forget that there isn’t much of a planet anymore or the fact that there isn’t anybody left on you team or on the planet and you are the only survivor. With that being said, the graphics are stunning for a NES game! I really love the gruesome graphics that it had from very moment that you come to the entrance from space to the very innards of the planet monster itself. You will of course be running into some of the same monsters but for the most part every level had different monsters and level design. Speaking of level design there are two variants of them, one is your classic side scrolling shooter and the other is a top down perspective, instead of going up in a top down shooter you are going down, which really does change things up a bit.


The controls are something that you are going to have to get use to. You start off slow and by getting power-ups; some for (S)peed, (P)ower and (B)arrier. There are also 4 different types of guns that you can collect as well; Sphere, Machine Gun (starting), Lasers, Spread gun, and Rail. When collecting speed power up, they will help you with speed and barrier helps you with putting up barriers around you so they can absorb hits (make sure that none pass through as you can still be hit through the barriers). The problem that I had was trying to tell if the Power power-up was actually working. Most of the time collecting them, I didn’t see an increase in damage or fire power.


The music fit the overall theme of the game and became even more pumped up the further you went down the monster. But the best part of the game will have to be the ending! It is so awesome and worth trying to beat just to see the ending cut scene but the ending song is even better! It was like they were trying to pump up the music with a massive beat! To this day it has to be one of the greatest songs I have heard on the NES in quite awhile.


First and for most this game is ridiculous hard! It has always taken me several tries just to get a quarter of the way through the first level. No I am not joking. Thank goodness there is unlimited continues because if not, I would have thrown this game back in the storage closet and forgotten about it. For some reason though after level 2, it seems to get easier until you get to the very end. There are two bosses in every level, one acting as mid boss and then clearing the second half of the level to get to the actual boss.

Final Thoughts: Abadox is a seriously fun game and is something that needs to be in every NES collectors collection! Just reading the manual alone is very enticing and gets me pumped to join THE WORLD ALIVE FORCE (Apparently the army in the game?)((Destroyed by the planet monster)) If you can find this game and you probably can (its common) for a good price then I would definitely recommend that you play it. Just prepare to DIE A LOT.

SCORE: 7/10

Graphics:  8 = From the outside to the inside of the monster every thing has detailed sprites and looks incredibly gruesome.

Sound:       7 = The music matches the theme and the sound effects are you typical shooter sounds but the best part is the Ending song!

Controls    7 = You start off slow but as you pick up speed power-ups, things get better but watch out for dying in the wrong places as you lose all power-ups .

Replay:      6 = Its a truly fun game, but once you beat it you aren’t going to want to go through the pain of saving the Princess over again. (Sorry Mario)

*Directly from the ABADOX NES Game Manual

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