Released: 09/09/1995                           Discontinued: 03/26/2006


Released here in the USA on September 9th, 1995 and has gone on to sell over 102.49 million units until it was discontinued on March 23, 2006. Its Library has well over 7,000 games worldwide! There were six different models made during that time SCPH-1001, SCPH-5001, SCPH-9001 and SCPH-900X. During the revisions, the back ports such as RCA jacks and the I/O ports were removed in later versions. These consoles were later followed by a slimmer version called the PS One and the COMBO PACK which added a 5 inch LCD screen to the PS One.

Technical Specs

CPU: 32-bit RISC (33.9MHz)

RAM: 2MB, 1MB Video RAM.

Graphics: 3D Geometry Engine, with 2D rotation, scaling, transparency and fading and 3D texture mapping and shading.

Colors: 16.7 million.

Sprites: 4,000.

Polygons: 360,000 per second.

Resolution: 640×480.

Sound: 16-bit 24 channel PCM.

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