Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 2

Released: 10/13/2016                                               Developer: ATMOST GAMES

Atari Classics Vol. 2 is something of a hit and miss of a collection. What is worst is that it only has just a fraction of what every other Atari collection has. Now it is a modest collection of games but its not the fun ones that we all remember the most of. The collection is split into two volumes and each one has a hand full that are fun, with the rest being either mediocre or just all round dull.


When I purchased the game I was more hoping to find more about Atari and their video games with bonus content but unfortunately there wasn’t anything at all in terms of bonus content. You can read the entire manual in the menu section and that is a plus but even that is garbled up by terrible resolution. First off, when you zoom into the manual, the resolution just gets worst. Hopefully you can and like to read them in small print.


The next things is the controls just don’t fair up on some of the games, especially paddle games like BREAKOUT, and OFF THE GREAT WALL. What made those games so fun to play was the fluid controls of the paddle controller. Here, Atmost Games does a descent job of doing it (the D-Pad makes the paddle go slow while the Analog stick makes it go fast) it just doesn’t fair up well.


With all that being said, the graphics and sound are all on point with Atari games so don’t expect much here. In terms of fun, its Atari games and there is limited fun to had now a days. I really wanted to like this game but there is so much better collections on the PS2 (Activision Anthology). I bought this game for $20 and for the most part it is okay but I would tell you to pass this one up unless you have never played Atari games before.



SCORE: 6/10

Graphics- Its the same Atari and nothing else so nothing stands out but at least the UI is easy to traverse through. The manuals look terrible close up.

Controls—Standard control schemes for Atari games but the paddle games don’t fair to well and leaves the nostalgia left somewhere else.

Sounds—–The best music and only music is in the UI menu screen so there is not much here but the sound effect from the games will leave you in nostalgia.

Playablilty-Its Atari games and nothing else, the fun only last for only a few minutes.


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