Fear the Reaper Retro Style!

Released: 02/20/2018                                     Developer: Hopoo Games


You are the Reaper and have been assigned by Hell to take back souls and it doesn’t care how you do it. Interesting enough how you interact with hell is by sitting in a nice comfy red chair and the flames shoot out of the fireplace which in turns gives you your mission, Intel, and other advice but how you go about your mission is completely up to you.

Graphics- 8

Being as it may a retro game in the modern day the graphics are as dreadfully awesome as the dark tones and settings make the game feel. At the very start of the game it does give you the warning that the game itself contains INTENSE blood and gore with suicide to boot. The blood splatter effect is nice and enjoyable to watch and no death is ever the same. Fluid animations sprites fill the stage areas and the lighting effects can either help or hinder you during your missions.

Sound- 7

The Sound quality is sometimes a hit or miss depending on which level you are on and the blaring music when entering the stages can come off as way to loud and even static. The effects of the music when outside of the building and then transitioning into them are a great effect. The Creatures that chat to each other have their own speech effect which is a nice touch.


Controls- 7.5

The controls feel great, aiming is fluid and nothing is overly complicated. Although it does take a bit of time to get the hang of mastering the controls from switching weapons, crouching behind tables and couches,  to aiming a hammer and gun at monsters on the run.

Replayability- 8

This game is going to challenge even the most seasoned gamer and it all depends on how you approach the levels themselves. Before the start of each mission, you are given details on everything and given hints on how to approach the situation but the game makes you go at any approach you want. Buying weapons at the docks from the ferryman cost souls and replaying levels you have already beaten doesn’t grant extra souls, forcing you to make a wise but blind choice on what weapons to pick and they do matter in certain situations. But be warned that ammo is scarce and sometimes more often then not, you will have little ammo to deal with the situation.


Final Thought-

This game is absolutely fun to play and the music although loud at times is all in the right spot. I love this game and it becomes very hard after the first couple of missions challenging me to approach from different angle and thinking before acting on the kill! One thing that I don’t like is picking a weapon from your car. Once a weapon is selceted from your car,and you start the mission (killing the first enemy) you can no longer go back and pick another weapon especially if all your ammo is depleted.  Despite that, I would highly recommend playing this game if only for the nostalgic feel.

Score: 8/10

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