Corridor 7: Alien Invasion

Release: March 1994                    Developer: Capstone Software

Its not hard to get lost in these Corridors



Corridor 7 is a run of the mill Wolfenstien 3D Clone and honestly one of the better ones out there. The game has Thirty levels (Forty if you have the CD-Rom version) and are divided up of twenty in Delta Base and ten alien converted levels. The whole objective of the game is to clear out every floor of alien scum and then head back to the elevator to go to another floor. Easy concept right? Yes to an extent but you are going to get lost in the process of finding the enemy.

Going through levels seems easy enough until you realize you can’t go through any Blue doors and lets face it the first thing you are going to be looking for is a blue key card. Here is the tough part, there are no keys in the game. So how do you unlock the blue and red doors? On terminals scattered through out the levels that completely blend in with the walls. Trust me they are easy to miss. On later levels they even start to trick you even further with putting (fake terminals) that alert the enemy to where you are at. Really you are at a stand still at wanting to click every terminal you can find just so you can unlock the doors. The good side to this is that once you hit one terminal for a Blue door, all Blue doors unlock and same with other corresponding colored coded doors.


Finding Items in the game is almost non existent. If you are needing ammo, you might be hard pressed to want to run over the dead bodies of the aliens to get ammo but that’s not the case. You will find ammo dispensers on walls in rooms that give you a generous amount, but once dispensed you can no longer receive ammo from there. I had no problems with low ammo and always had plenty on hand. Actually I found that this was one of the first instances of receiving ammo much like some more modern games do like Call of Duty and Duke Nukem Forever in Unlimited Ammo Crates. Med Packs are in the same sense and are scattered in either rooms or in corridors and there are even “Health Chambers” that refill your health.

So the first thing that really caught my attention is the graphics. Even though they are very much dated, I did like the colors that are in the game and for such a dark environment, most of the objects and backgrounds are pretty colorful and blend in good together. The enemies on the other hand are not the greatest looking bunch and are pretty generic looking. One thing that I noticed about enemies is that most of them just stay in one place and really don’t move around. Most of the time they are behind locked doors that have to be unlocked, but that being said they really don’t even move within the confines of their space until you get close enough to them.


The core game play is your average FPS but navigating the Corridors is a hassle in later levels and to mix things up you can have the difficulty switched to easy to hard mode in pinch. On easy mode, the only thing that helps you navigate the Corridors is the map and that is automatically in you inventory at the start. If you are playing on any other difficulty, then you will have to find the map somewhere hidden in the level for you to find out where are the enemies are at otherwise you are going in blind. Another thing that I found very interesting is that you do not need to clear every single enemy on the level. You only need to clear a certain percentage of enemies to obtain a elevator clearance card and then you can rush up back to the elevator and go to the next level. One thing that I found quite annoying is the Invisible force fields and so forth hidden through out the levels and to find them you will have to use your infrared or Night Vision to spot them. Honestly I forgot that they are there and was wondering why I was losing health but the are just a nuisance.


Bottom line, this game is fun in short instances and I did become bored after awhile. The Enemies are just not exciting to kill and some of them are just plain weird. Getting lost in the levels does become frustrating even if you have the map that allows you to find the enemies. On the plus side, I did enjoy the levels themselves and there designs.


SCORE: 6/10

GRAPHICS: Even though these are dated graphics, the backgrounds and objects blend in together quite well but enemies are lackluster and generic

SOUND: Every level had its own track but the monster sound effects are weak and unappealing.

GAMEPLAY: Its the same FPS formula that we all know and love from that era but going through the Corridors and tracking down terminals is a hassle later on and without a map, you are going to get lost.

REPLAY: Once you play it and beat it, your not going to want to play it again.








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