Got me another one!

Finally found Bucky O Hare for NES out on the market! I have been waiting patiently for this one and I could let it slip through my hands this time. That last time I saw this game, it was complete in box and i had a chance to get it but unfortunately i wasn’t quick enough. Now I have it and I can’t wait to play it here soon and the put it in the vault(website)!

Current works

So as of right now I am working on 40 Best WINDOWS 95 Games! Of course there are 40 games on the CD and I will be taking you back to a simpler time when PC games where freeware and shareware! Right now you are probably wondering what Freeware and Shareware are and if yo do that is AMAZING but if you don’t then do not fret! I am working on a piece for that as well. SO stay continued and don’t waste to many lives out there on you adventure because there is something on the horizon!!!

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