Something to think about…

OK so I know that many of you think that Superman 64 is a bad game but is that because everyone else thinks it is a bad game? I see all over YOUTUBE and other sites that it is considered one of the worst games ever made. I kind of think that it deserves better than what people say about it.

I have fond memories of playing this game as a child, I can remember the day of my birthday when I got the game and I was so excited (By the way I am a huge Superman fan). Anyways, I remember popping it in to my N64 and hearing the title screen music and not really caring about how the music went, hell I watched the animated series which of course this was somewhat based off of (Look at the characters). So the story from what I remember is that Lex Luthor has trapped Superman and his friends in a simulation and Lex Luthor has full control of whatever is happening (well you are made to think that.). Anyways, The rings are there to present a challenge to Superman albeit a very hard and somewhat annoying  challenge but very doable in my opinion. There were only a few times that I had to restart. Some of the other challenges like picking up a car and saving a person was quick and engaging on my part. There were the other levels which we were in tight areas and very little space to run around in.

The Sewers were the hardest part, with enemy turrets that took forever to beat. I do remember the camera angles getting in the way in the very beginning but nothing that I couldn’t handle. I still to this day can’t figure out what the x-ray vision did… After that level, the rest was a piece of cake except the last level with the Massive tornadoes, those took me a couple of tries as a kid to beat it, but when I did I was so excited. Bad camera angles, hard enemies were not enough to make me put the game down, i just thought that it was part of the challenge it wasn’t until way later as an adult that I finally got to read what Superman 64 should have been. That still didn’t persuade me that the game was still that bad.

The Best memories of the game has to be the PRACTICE  mode. I spent hours flying around learning the flight controls because lets admit it this was the first time we played a superman game were we had full control over him flying anywhere. I would forget about the rings and fly as high as I could to Lex tower and then fly all the way down to the sewers/ocean and skim across the water, sometimes I would go underneath the water and pop up. What I am trying to say is that I did have fun with that mode of play and boy I spent hours just flying around,exploring the limits of the map and using my imagination, something that sorely lacks nowadays. I didn’t worry about graphics, music or the sound effects, because to me at that time, was none existent.

Another thing I do remember playing was the multiplayer mode, Having sleep overs with my friends (do people do that anymore?) we would play multiplayer and laugh our butts off at the way we played. Let me explain… every character fly’s around in a ship that shoots lasers (yes even superman was in one) but one thing that made it funny was how small you really were. The level we played the most of was the subway and the rails were 4x bigger than you were making it perfect to play hide and seek and ambush your enemies!! It was your typical simple multiplayer.

Now that I am older and have tons of play experience under my belt from many games (good and bad) I feel that Superman 64 should deserve better that what it gets. I have replayed it many times afterwards to see if I thought differently about it but I still get the nostalgic feeling of how I use to play it as a kid but I do still get frustrated with it in certain areas as I did before. I think today may people are to easily persuaded to change their mind and can’t tell others that a bad game, to them was good in their opinion. Maybe it’s because they are afraid of the insults. For example, AVGN came out in the AVGN movie and told everyone that E.T. was an OK game after you read the manual and there have been others that have said the same thing.  Whatever the case maybe Superman 64 is not a terrible game but isn’t a great game either. I think that it’s just a decent game.

~Retro Mark

SNES Collector Mystery box


Okay so this really caught my eye in Wal-mart the other day and it spelled BUY ME!! Really loud! Apparently there are others such as the Legend of Zelda and A Metroid version somewhere but unfortunately I failed to get them as the SNES version was all they had left. At least that’s what the associate told me who knows. Anyway, at $30 I told myself why not take a chance although I was skeptical at first because I was a member of Loot crate for the longest time until I was fed up with getting random crap. I knew this wasn’t going to be any different. I was right and wrong at the same time. As I opened the box to my surprise it was of course all Nintendo related products which is the reason i bought it for but at the same time I felt cheated because it was the same stuff you would get from Loot Crate. I don’t know, I feel as though $30 was a bit much for it but then again I am glad I have it.


The Items that came with it are a small tiny backpack that I will give my 2 year old son for daycare, a very small plush pillow that I thought was going to be at least bigger than what it was, NES Coasters which is an awesome Highlight here, a gameboy notepad (comes in pretty handy too), a pin and coin which there is not much to say there. I wonder if every box is different? From what I have heard around these are amazing purchases but for me they are ho hum with a surprise attached. Don’t get me wrong you could argue over and over the ridiculous prices that the items would fetch for, especially the plush pillow. But still for me It is the same old product that Loot Crate gave out just with a different company… Maybe I am wrong and regret not getting the LOZ version….

Nintendo Labo. Is it any good?

NINTENDO LABO is coming out soon and it looks pretty neat! With everything that you can do with it seems like a great idea but Nintendo’s new “innovation” could fall flat. Don’t get me wrong I really like the idea of making my own robot, controller, fishing rod, ECT. But when it comes down to it, the big question is, how many do we need to purchase and with Nintendo, it’s going to be expensive. Personally this is really nothing new. Loot crate has been doing something similar with there books although it’s more like a panarama or mask, the idea is still the same. Never the less I will probably get one or two. For the collection and to use because Nintendo is know for their shortage on certain products.

First blog post

WOW!! Our very first post on my very own website!! This is absolutely great! So lets get down to the reason I am really starting a website, oh ho hum, do I really need to be reading this? No, but if you are still reading, great! I really do not have time to post every video game, movie or really anything to Youtube with school and having kids that keep you on your toes. Making videos is really fun to do but very time consuming… I feel that writing about the awesome adventures I take in the Retro World is a must and wont take days or weeks to do for one video. Yes, I will still make videos but when I have the time and college is kicking my butt right now! So stay tuned for some exciting reviews and raves here on the Modern Retro Corner!!