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Deadly Roaches Around Every Corner

Developer: Caravel Games/Webfoot Tech                            Release: 1996


D.R.O.D or Deadly Rooms Of Death if you will is a puzzle game developed by Webfoot Technologies and then acquired later on by the developer, Erik Hermansen of Caravel Games. You play as Beethro Budkin, an exterminator and the main protagonist of the game, is called by King Dugan, to eliminate all the roaches and vermin in the dungeon.


The Game itself is a tile based game in which you move one space so do the monsters that inhabit the area. To move to the next level, you need to kill all of the monsters. While playing this game I noticed that it takes more than just reflexes to conquer the game, you need logic as well. From hitting buttons to release the next wave of monsters (in certain orders) to getting through a certain gate.


The graphics are stale looking and the bright Magenta title screen of the original version does a terrible job of telling you of what you are getting into. The big ugly brute on the title screen looks like a man who has seen better days with a little too much meth on the side. Although I would recommend that anyone playing a game no matter how old, to find the instructions and read them. It gives essential story and background elements. The Monsters themselves look great but Beethro looks relative small compared to some monsters. The still images you get when “order now” comes around and in the instructions are gruesome yet interesting to see.


The MIDI music is very up beat and I would say doesn’t fit the mood of the overall game but that being said, I do like the soundtrack which contains up to 50 mins of tracks. The sound effects are funny to hear from Beethro stabbing bug to him screaming for death is quite refreshing to hear. The only annoying part would be hitting walls and buttons can grind on the ears.


The controls are interesting to say the least. You can control Beethro with the mouse or keyboard. Either way, you are going to have a bad time. Going full blast with this game is going to end in failure and the only way to win, is to strategize every movement. To make Beethro move, you use the NUMPAD and to control his sword W and Q . The controls take time to master but ultimately are hard to play around with.

Final Thoughts-

This game could be fun but ultimately falls really short as I don’t have the patience to go through all 300 levels. Heck I could only do 4 until I started dying and puzzles were ridiculous hard. I’m not one for puzzles but this did catch my eye when I was a kid and tried it out. D.R.O.D has a big following and there have been plenty of remakes since the original came out. The game’s source code is now free and has allowed the big community that this game has, to create original levels for more challenges. I do want to stress here that this review is for the WEBFOOT TECHNOLOGIES ORIGINAL VERSION of D.R.O.D. not the remakes or revisions that have come out years later improving the overall game.

SCORE: 5/10

GRAPHICS:                   [4] The graphics are not at all good with the exception of the monsters and the title screen.

SOUND:                         [7]  The soundtrack doesn’t go with the game but that doesn’t mean that it’s not good. The upbeat electro music makes you want to go to a dance party.

CONTROLS:                 [5] The controls are hard to get use to simply put

REPLAYABLITY:         [7] The amount of puzzles is overwhelming and can challenge the best puzzler. If you like puzzles and brain teasers look no further but people wanting more action/adventure look elsewhere.

Alien Carnage Review (Re-upload)

?Alien Scum busting for a discount?

Developer: Interactive Binary/Subzero Software           Released: 1993

Alien Carnage is a DOS game that came to fruition through Apogee Software and 3D Realms. The goal of the game is to defeat the onslaught of aliens that are abducting humans and turning them into mindless zombies. One thing that confuses me more is the name…is it Alien Carnage or Halloween Harry?


Well whatever the name maybe, they are the exact same game just different names for it. As mentioned above, you are Harry, savior of the world and it is up to you to defeat the aliens and its overlords from abducting more humans and turning them into mindless zombies. As you begin you start with a pretty long intro video about what is going on and yeah it’s no 60 seconds either. It seemed like forever when the video plays but it is rich in story and you get to hear some pretty awesome yet cheesy one liners! Man, what is up with that helmet Harry is wearing?!


From there, you start platforming right at the get go but this is no fast paced game like it is made to believe. When walking around which is 60%, the other is Jet-packing everywhere else, you go at a pretty reasonable pace. Jet-packing on the other hand is very slow and you do have to refill your jet pack at charging stations. The weapons are a hit and miss, you have your standard fare Flamethrower which consumes the very fuel that is used for your jet pack (thank god there a ton of free fill stations) to the proton gun, missile gun and the mini nukes. Although some are better for certain situation, I would still recommend you use your flamethrower and save you special ammo and weapons for the bosses and harder enemies. Ammo is not dropped by enemies, instead it is money and it is counted by 5’s. Every weapon/ammo is purchased at terminals and terminals will show the corresponding weapon/ammo that it has for purchase. These are spread throughout the levels.


The levels themselves are split into FOUR MISSIONS that are then split into levels that are fairly small and may seem big at first but the big down fall is using the mini-map to locate the survivors. The only indication is by a white dot on your map and can become very frustrating on how to find them. I will say this the only way to complete a level and enter the elevator is by finding every single survivor on the map. For the graphics, they are as colorful as they can be but can hinder you in certain levels because textures can overlap on enemies making them hard to see especially smaller enemies. The intro videos that you have to watch before and after the MISSIONS are amazing and full of detail. The music is your standard MIDI music and sets the tone and everything has the appropriate sound effect so no problems here.


Final Thoughts-

On 3D Realms website they call Harry, Duke Nukem’s adopted brother and I can see the resemblance. I had fun with this game and although it can be frustrating at times looking for survivors, the rest of the game is in all the right places. I would recommend that if you can find this game it is worth a play through! If not that than for the cut scenes ALONE. You’re going to have fun with this one!

Scoring- 7.5

GRAPHICS            [8]   – Bright and vivid colors fill your screen and sets the SCI-FI tone but overlays can get in the way of enemies.

SOUND                  [7]    – The Music and sound effects are in all the right spots but nothing that truly stands out.

CONTROLS          [7]    – The controls are tight on Harry but when using the Jet pack you go as slow as walking in Syrup.

REPLAYABILITY [7]   – You will have fun with the game and watching the cut scenes are amazing but you are going to get frustrated real fast with finding survivors.


Delta Hydra Review

The Underrated 4X you’ve never heard of.

Developer: Webfoot Technologies                                                  Year: 1997


Delta Hydra is pretty much an unknown 4X sim that even to this day is the very foundation on which I started playing 4X games; Masters of Orion anyone? From the get go there is your basic plot line: Earth is destroyed by war and pollution and we take to the stars in order to find a new home. Luckly we find a solar system in the Delta Hydra system and it is inhabited by nine planets, all in which is for you to send out probes to do research, develop colonies and so forth. Oh, did I forget to mention that there are two other space agencies? The SEAM and AASA have launched their own colonist into space for the very same reason.

Delta Hydra is very simple to play and very plot driven. You can try going the peaceful route with the other agencies which not surprising they hate each other and if you are friends with both, they will likely find out and maybe declare war on you. With that being said you can declare total war on the faction if you like but be warned that is only if you are plenty stock piled for battle as the opponents usually out perform you. As for talking to the agencies, you can give gifts, exchange tech, declare war or offer a peace treaty. Which ever route you go, the recommendation is to always send pods for research to discover the new planets and developing new technology.


The Graphics for the time aren’t really all that great and are in full-blown early 3D and most of your time is going to be spent on the colony menu (see Below Image) checking on colonist, developing new habitats and greenhouses are essential to a happy life. One of the funniest things and probably the saddest are the representatives of the agencies; You control ULSA, The SEAM is controlled by a goofy looking European and of course the AASA which is the Asian agencies, is controlled by an even goofier looking Asian woman. The art work that accompanies the game is hilarious to look at and at times I can’t take them serious when they declare war on me, which by the way is all the time. (Maybe because I laugh at them?)


The sound quality is probably where the music really doesn’t shine to bright here. You do have music albeit in MIDI form and all the different planets and the main menu have decent atmospheric music but it’s not the best. For the most part you really won’t notice the music at all unless you’re on the Main menu. Don’t Expect too much here. Although the music isn’t the best it does have sound effects like any normal game would have right? YES it does, I can’t tell you the many times I have played DOS games and there was simply no music or effects at all. The effects from war to lasers to ion engines burning, were all in the right spots.


Combat is fairly simple and a little bit less challenging than other space 4X games but that doesn’t mean to take it easy as you can get your butt handed to you in an instant. It’s all done in a pseudo 3D map and you take control of any available ships that you might have and any weapons that have been developed at that time will be equipped on to your ships. Unfortunately if you lose your all your ships, you will lose the weapon and have to develop it again. The map features are smaller that the other games and the replayability is high as well due to the randomization of the map on every new game.


Final Thoughts-

I really love this game and it will always be remembered as an amazing game. Its simple features and game play make for a fun and interesting time, if only for 30 min. While the music is not the best, it does the job. If you can find this game, I would tell you to pick it up and try it out although the graphics may be a put off for more of the graphic heavy person in this day and age, it’s a shame that this game was left behind in the dust of time…

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DOS GAMES- D.R.O.D (Deadly Rooms Of Death)


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Another update which includes the following:


DOS Games- Alien Carnage

The Daily Retro- Something to think about…


I review Alien Carnage for DOS Gaming which might be a game you need to check out and then I talk about SUPERMAN 64 and maybe answer the question “Is it really as bad as everyone says it is?” Come find out!!

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Something to think about…

OK so I know that many of you think that Superman 64 is a bad game but is that because everyone else thinks it is a bad game? I see all over YOUTUBE and other sites that it is considered one of the worst games ever made. I kind of think that it deserves better than what people say about it.

I have fond memories of playing this game as a child, I can remember the day of my birthday when I got the game and I was so excited (By the way I am a huge Superman fan). Anyways, I remember popping it in to my N64 and hearing the title screen music and not really caring about how the music went, hell I watched the animated series which of course this was somewhat based off of (Look at the characters). So the story from what I remember is that Lex Luthor has trapped Superman and his friends in a simulation and Lex Luthor has full control of whatever is happening (well you are made to think that.). Anyways, The rings are there to present a challenge to Superman albeit a very hard and somewhat annoying  challenge but very doable in my opinion. There were only a few times that I had to restart. Some of the other challenges like picking up a car and saving a person was quick and engaging on my part. There were the other levels which we were in tight areas and very little space to run around in.

The Sewers were the hardest part, with enemy turrets that took forever to beat. I do remember the camera angles getting in the way in the very beginning but nothing that I couldn’t handle. I still to this day can’t figure out what the x-ray vision did… After that level, the rest was a piece of cake except the last level with the Massive tornadoes, those took me a couple of tries as a kid to beat it, but when I did I was so excited. Bad camera angles, hard enemies were not enough to make me put the game down, i just thought that it was part of the challenge it wasn’t until way later as an adult that I finally got to read what Superman 64 should have been. That still didn’t persuade me that the game was still that bad.

The Best memories of the game has to be the PRACTICE  mode. I spent hours flying around learning the flight controls because lets admit it this was the first time we played a superman game were we had full control over him flying anywhere. I would forget about the rings and fly as high as I could to Lex tower and then fly all the way down to the sewers/ocean and skim across the water, sometimes I would go underneath the water and pop up. What I am trying to say is that I did have fun with that mode of play and boy I spent hours just flying around,exploring the limits of the map and using my imagination, something that sorely lacks nowadays. I didn’t worry about graphics, music or the sound effects, because to me at that time, was none existent.

Another thing I do remember playing was the multiplayer mode, Having sleep overs with my friends (do people do that anymore?) we would play multiplayer and laugh our butts off at the way we played. Let me explain… every character fly’s around in a ship that shoots lasers (yes even superman was in one) but one thing that made it funny was how small you really were. The level we played the most of was the subway and the rails were 4x bigger than you were making it perfect to play hide and seek and ambush your enemies!! It was your typical simple multiplayer.

Now that I am older and have tons of play experience under my belt from many games (good and bad) I feel that Superman 64 should deserve better that what it gets. I have replayed it many times afterwards to see if I thought differently about it but I still get the nostalgic feeling of how I use to play it as a kid but I do still get frustrated with it in certain areas as I did before. I think today may people are to easily persuaded to change their mind and can’t tell others that a bad game, to them was good in their opinion. Maybe it’s because they are afraid of the insults. For example, AVGN came out in the AVGN movie and told everyone that E.T. was an OK game after you read the manual and there have been others that have said the same thing.  Whatever the case maybe Superman 64 is not a terrible game but isn’t a great game either. I think that it’s just a decent game.

~Retro Mark