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New Games Added!

Finally gotten around to reviewing a few games for 40 BEST WINDOWS 95 GAMES! It has taken some time but I would like to stress that It is hard to review games that have little information to them. Some games/utilities are hard to review and i would like to not “review” them in the traditional sense, so I would rather give you information about the games themselves. I think that for older games such as these they can be classified as boring, terrible, limited and so forth compared to more modern takes on the genre or game itself. So I don’t want to give anything a terrible “review” so I will be giving information out instead. This is a hard task to do so be patient and it will get better hopefully. NOW FOR THE GAMES!!!

The games are: CAT95! Bustout!, BOG 2 for Windows 95, Board Games for 2 and Moraff’s Ultra Blast.

Come and check out these forgotten games in THE GAMES THAT NEVER WERE section! We need to give these games some love as well as some recognition. Remember if you are the developer of any of these games let me know in the comments where the games are!! I would really like to hear from you all!

~ Retro Mark

Steve MOraff: THe legend, The myth…

Since playing tons of compilations games, I have come across several games that are made by Steve Moraff. Now this name hasn’t probably come up in ages but back in the early 90’s most of the compilation CD’s came with some form of game form Steve Moraff albeit some form of Mahjong or other game which probably was the latter.

I’m going to have to find a CD or disk of his games or try to compile a list of shareware games, something and try to make a video of this legend! Now when I say legend, yes you heard right! I have seen more of his games on different CD’s then any other persons games. Yes I come across duplicate games on some CD’s but not as much as this guys games.

SO here goes another adventure to set off too! TO find out mre about this developer and the games that he made!! Oh and Because why not?

~ Retro Mark