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Wow!! in just a few short hours I have managed to add more stuff to website!

Added SEGA LOGO in CONSOLES [nonworking link as of right now] Once the SEGA page is completed, this is where all SEGA Consoles will be going.

Redesigned NINTENDO LOGO in CONSOLES and is a working hyperlink (just click the image)

Added New Page: NINTENDO and added SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT CONSOLE image [nonworking link] The Nintendo Page is where all of the Nintendo Consoles will be going

Added INFO to 10-Yard Fight in the NES Game List [0-9]

I have tested links and all are working correctly. Going from CONSOLES>NINTENDO>NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM>GAME LIST [0-9]> 10-Yard Fight seems to be working correctly.

Let me know what you guys think! I have worked on making this Mobile Friendly as well so if something is not working, let me know here or e-mail me in the CONTACT menus and I will try to fix the problem.

Stay Retro my friends!

~Retro Mark