eGames 251 Awesome Games! Collector’s Edition

The eGames Collector’s Edition features over 251 Incredible games gathered together in one exclusive package! Choose from a wide variety of exciting categories including: Arcade, Board Games, Cards, Puzzles, Word Games, Strategy, Space Games… many more!

eGames Collector’s Edition features an incredible collection of games for the entire family. Many of the games are Special Edition “SE” versions of the popular eGames titles, especially put together for inclusion in this eGames title. Every Special Edition game features a limited number of levels taken from the full version, with all of the awesome graphics, exceptional game play and non-stop excitment that you expect from eGames. Enjoy!

System Requirements

Pentium 500 MHz PC minimum, Windows 95/98/ME/200, 64 MB RAM, D Accelerated Video Card with 16 MB Required for Wild Wheels SE, 16 bit Direct Sound Compatible SOund Card, DirectX 8.0 Compatible Hardware and Drivers, CD-ROM Drive and Mouse, Approximate installed file size: 1.49 GB. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or Higher (5.01 included) Internet Access: 28,800 baud modem or better required for optional Internet features. Use of the Internet features of this product requires a pre-existing end-user subscription to an Internet Service Provider. Local and/or long distance telephone charges may apply.

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