Play 40 of the BEST WINDOWS 95 Games out on the market today! Games Included are:

3D Maze * A Day at the Race * Board Games for 2 * BOG * Bustout! * Game Chest * GNU Chess * Hangman 95 * Hardwood Solitaire * Klotz * Landmine! Beyond Minesweeper * Match32 * Morejongg 95 * PBA Bowling * Peg Solitaire 95 * Pitfall * PixM * Poker Broker * Pressure Drop * Puzzle-8 * Solitary Confinement * Spherejongg 95 * Super Marble Solitaire * Time Bomb * Total Recall * Ultra Blast 95 * Under Pressure and MANY MORE!!!


**Shareware is an exciting marketing method which allows you to try top-quality software before you pay the author. With Shareware, you cannot be disappointed spending money for a program that’s not right for you. The small fee you pay to us covers only the duplication and distribution costs, and permits you evaluate the program. If you continue to use the program, you must send the author an additional payment which may entitle you to technical support, printed manual, bonus programs and more. Your payment supports authors, enabling them to continue writing newer and better Shareware programs.**

** Do not send payments to me! This is what SHAREWARE is! Thank you for reading this.**

System Requirements

IBM compatible 386SX or higher (486 recommended) * Windows 95, Windows NT, or Win32S * 8MB RAM * 10 MB disk space * SVGA * CD-ROM drive * Mouse * Sound Blaster or compatible sound card


Published by SoftKey International

Developed By Limelight Publishing, LLC

Interface and Documentation Copyright 1995, Limelight Publishing, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

CD Guide packaging and logo Copyright 1995 SoftKey International.

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