LandMIne! Beyond Minesweeper

Developer: Roger Robertson

Publisher: A Barking Dog Production

Release Date: 09/15/1995

Original Price: $10.00

Oh my Minesweeper! But wait there’s more! A Story? Yes you are right there is an actual story to it. There are land mines scattered across the terrain of a hostile nation and your job is to clear the fields for our invading armies. Terrorist sent by a foreign dictator have places landmines over the parking lot of McDoggies Fast Food Franchise Store and you have to….. Nahhh! This is what the developer tried to put in but at least the developer tried to make it seem fun on the outside right? The object of the game is to clear the map of landmines without blowing one up.

The graphics are amazing for the time and at the top left is the scoreboard and it tells you how many mines are left. Instead of playing minesweeper at a slow pace like most of us do trying to figure out where the mines are, there is a time limit at the start of the game which is limited to three minutes and you get six tries to complete the map instead of one try from Minsweeper. There are three different levels of difficulty and each one will up the ante with 25 more mines. The numbers that appear in the boxes tell you how many mines are currently surrounding that area and you can put out a DO NOT ENTER sign in a square but be warned that if a mine is not on the box that you put a sign on, then you will get a WASTED TIME icon and 10 second penalty.

Wow this is a fun game that takes Minesweeper to another level and not in just terms of graphics either. The only thing that was a bit nerve racking is the sound effects that are produced when you click on a box and they can be grating over time. You will most likely turn your sound off anyway. Now I have never been a big fan of Minesweeper but this game made it more fun than it usually is so if you ever come across this game, I would recommend you try it out.

~ Retro Mark

Reviewed: 06/04/2020

One thought on “LandMIne! Beyond Minesweeper”

  1. I have a question about the Landmine Beyond Minesweeper game. When a player loses, what is that slide whistle sound when the game ends? Is it from a game show? What game show is it from?


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