Developer: WinGames, INC

Publisher: WinGames, INC

Release Date: 1995

Price: $14.95

This game here is several games in one similar in style to Board Games for 2. Starting off you are introduced to a not so pretty menu screen as everything here is very dark green and dark gold color, not something I would find pleasant. You are also greeted to a pop up telling you that it allows you to play all games only ten times except for Fortune’s Favor which you are apparently able to play as many times as you want.

Selecting a Game is as easy as clicking on the ICON on the right of the screen, but the card games don’t give any indication of what they are. If you are looking for a certain one, then I would suggest using the GAMES OPTION at the top left of the screen. The First Game up is Backgammon and the goal here is to remove all your opponent’s pieces from the board, pretty straight and simple plus I have gone over this game before in previous reviews. Next up is YATZE and the object of the game here is to outscore your opponent. The next game on the list is RUMMY and to be honest I really don’t know how to play the game but reading the help file saved time. The object of the game is to get all your cards in a three/four of a kind or run the same suit. Confused? So am I. Second to last game is QUEEN’S AUDIENCE which I have never heard of but I don’t play to many card games. Object here is that sixteen cards will be dealt in the middle of the screen and so forth. Move the Jacks and build down to the Aces. That’s as simple as I can put it. FORTUNE’S FAVOR is the last game and its almost similar in style to Solitaire so it not much to look at.

Play Backgammon, Yatze, Rummy, Fortune’s Favor, Queen’s Audience, Against the Computer or A Friend…~ WinGames

Unlike previous collections in these titles, The HELP File here is very limited. Usually there is a ton of information for me to go through learning about the game, looking through the credits and so forth but unfortunately there is limited information and it only will tell you the objective of the game. No hints, strategies, nothing. The options are also limited to COMPUTER PLAY, SOUND and SET BACKGROUND COLOR, which first why would I turn off computer play if there isn’t any modem connection to play two players?

That was strange but having a sound option isn’t and setting the BACKGROUND COLOR to something else is a nice edition to the drab color scheme that they have going on here. Another strange thing is that there were black bars covering the tiles and dice up when playing BACKGAMMON and YATZE, maybe that has something to do with it being Shareware but I can’t say for sure.

~ Retro Mark

Reviewed: March 2020

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