Ultra Blast 95

Devopled: Steve Moraff

Published: MoraffWare

Wow it seems that all I have gotten to so far is Steve Moraff’s Games… but we must go on and well this game is different then the mahjong one that I have played. Presenting Ultra Blast! At the beginning of the game we are presented with a straightforward menu. You can either play one player or a two-player game, try out different variations; Solid wall or Falling walls (Where the bricks are falling on you), Play custom screen and so forth. What is back in the game, is the endless customizing of bricks, backgrounds and wallpaper that you can adorn throughout the game.

This game is its own game but you can feel that Steve Implemented designs from his Morejong and Spherejong into this. The bricks can be set at a default setting or you can customize them with different pictures or designs to suit your needs. The default reminds of Spherejong and the backgrounds can be changed as well to whatever you want or leave it at the default (somewhat like Morejong).

Now don’t get me wrong this is its own game like I said before and I welcome the changes that the developer made but what I am not thrilled with is the audio cues. The only time you will here it is when you lose your ball and then the voice will tell you your score or how many balls are left. I applaud the effort put into the announcer voice but we could do without it.

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