Pressure Drop

Developer: Mark Stamps, Barry A. Gear, Paul Young

Publisher: StarHill Productions

Pressure Drop is a very unique game. The object of the game is to use your Chromagun to destroy the descending bricks. In doing this you have to change the color of your Chromagun to shoot the corresponding color to the brick in order to destroy it. The way to win is to destroy all of the bricks but if nine bricks hit the ray at the bottom then you lose the game. There are passwords that will allow you to continue to later Zones in the game and there are twenty Zones to beat.

There are different types of power ups to help you out like the JOKER powerup that allows you to destroy the next five bricks or the DESTROYER that will eliminate all bricks on the screen. There are also different brick types that allow for different combinations of destruction which allow variation.

The graphics are amazing and colorful for a WIN95 game and the sounds do it justice. The controls take some time to get use to as rotating the chromagun is with the up and down arrow keys while moving is the left and right arrow keys and spacebar is for firing the gun.

This is a fun fast pace game that needs attention! For those of you willing to pick up the game and try it, you are going to be surprised at how fast paced the game is and it only getting harder from there.

Join Me on A Never Ending Adventure!

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