Developer: Timothy G. Baldwin

Publisher: Oasis Software

Release Date: 1996

Price: $6.00

Bustout! Is basically BREAKOUT which came out back in the late 1970’s in where the controls are very simple. Use the paddle to control the board and have it hit the ball and keep it above hitting the bricks above.There are ten levels in all to try out and at the beginning you are given six balls for each level. The controls are very simple, use the mouse to control the paddle and keep the ball in the air by hitting it, destroying the bricks. There are different variations to each level giving each level a fresh take but unfortunately there are only ten levels in the game and that’s it. Most games of this type have upwards of 50 to 100 levels and this being only ten limits this game. There are very limited options which include turning the sound off and skipping a level.

Bustout is based on the classic arcade game BREAKOUT!. However, it is NOT just a simple clone. Bustout! has much more play value than just breaking brick walls with a ball… ~ TGB

What can I say about Bustout! ? its pretty bland considering that the background is completely black and the bricks are somewhat a neon colorish. The only sounds that you hear are the basic windows sounds from hitting the bricks and the most ANNOYING donkey sound that comes at the end when you lose all your balls. Right now I am playing the Shareware version of this game. To be able to play the rest of the levels you would have to input a password that the deveopler would send you if you paid him $6. The big question is was this really worth the $6.

~ Retro Mark

Reviewed: March 2020

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