Hangman 95

Hangman 95 is freeware. For some reason I just felt like making a hangman game and thought I would share it with anyone else who wants it… ~ Larry Allen

Developer: Larry Allen

Publisher: Larry Allen

Release Date: 1/22/1996

Price: Freeware

Ah HANGMAN, what an old school game that pretty much everyone has played before. No matter how many times you have played HANGMAN or any other version of it, it still is the same thing and it never gets old, well maybe boring. This program was written by Larry Allen as Freeware and you are able to select from five different categories ranging from MOVIES, PERSON, PLACE, TV SHOWS AND THINGS. Rules are very simple, Click on a letter and try and spell out the word before you draw a man. As Innocent this game is, did anybody ever realize that we were hanging a man off a noose? Just a thought. Anyway, this is a simple game to play and pass the time, and right now everyone has that.

~ Retro Mark

Reviewed: 05/24/2020

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