Developer: Yuntong Kuo

Publisher : Yuntong Kou

Released: 1995

Price: $10.00

Match32 is a game of Concentration, developed by Yountong Kou in 1995, The goal of the game is to match pairs of pictures within a given time period in order to advance to the next level and to score more points. The number of pair of Pictures range from 8 pairs to 30 pairs depending on the level. In order to score more points, you should finish each level as fast as possible. This game an help increase your memory capacity and your ability to concentrate.

There are different skill levels in the game that can be adjusted at the top of the tool bar, The level of difficulties are Easy, Normal and Hard. Once you have chosen the difficulty you cannot change it again until the start of a brand new game.

Each time you match a picture up with the correct one, you are awarded points, the higher the level the more points that awarded. There are also bonus points that given if there is still time left on the clock. The difficulties also play a part in awarding points, Easy mode gives no bonus points while Hard difficulty awards bigger bonuses.

There are Extra lives in the game, and are awarded differently according to difficulty. Under Hard mode, you will be awarded an extra life upon passing the current level. Normal mode can net you anywhere form 1-3 lives depending on how fast you finish the level and on Easy mode, all lives will be maintained at 3 including extra lives upon passing each level.If you manage to beat level 17, the games highest level, whatever lives are remaining are converted into 1000 bonus points each.

Lets not forget to mention the HALL OF FAME in almost every game out there, this is where you can show off your best scores among friends and family.

This is you basic Concentration game with some added flare to it. Its fun for a bit but the music is going to grind on your nerves and is a bit awkward to listen to. Turning off the music will make the game much better in my opinion but really this is only a five minute game that need to be played during breaks and at the office to so call help your concentration…

~ Retro Mark

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