The object of this utility is the kitten follows you mouse and meows when stops.

Developer: Robert Dannbauer

Publisher: SoftwareCTD

Release Date: 10/29/1995

Price: $5

Okay so this one is going to be really short! Here is CAT95! The only thing here is that there is a background full of kittens or in this case just a kitten and that there is a blue Kitten that follows your mouse around and MEOWS! when he stops following your mouse(pun). This was more of a utility than a game but none the less was amazing! Honestly I really do enjoy this, I mean who doesn’t like Kittens! Features include minimizing the the program and the kitten is on your desktop, control the size of the cat, New pictures for your desktop via Kittens!, and new improved Meowing!

I know what you are thinking. YES this is all it does. No games, No nothing but a kitten following your mouse pointer around. IT IS AWESOME! Don’t deny it.

~ Retro Mark

Reviewed: March 2020

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