Morejongg 95

Developed By: Steve Moraff

Published: MoraffWare

This Mahjongg is part of a compilation of “Jongg” Games that Steve Moraff developed for Windows 95. This version is the first in many mahjong games that he created. This is quite the game for Windows! This game includes several layouts, wallpapers and backgrounds to change and even a TILE creator which was pretty ambitious for the time.

Beautiful TILES SETS and great BACKGROUNDS adorn this Mahjong game

The Object of the game for those not aware on how to play, You must clear all of the tiles on the screens by matching two tiles together. Each layout has 36 sets of 4 matching tiles in the beginning but later on you must figure out a way to clear the screen. Only the exposed tiles are able to be selected, exposed tiles are those that have no tiles on the sides or on top of the tile.

The famous “Hi I’m Steve Moraff” at the end screen is epic!

This game has tons of options for TILE LAYOUT such as making the tile MEGA SIZE, increasing the width or height of the tile, Tile color, side color and many more. There really isn’t anything in terms of sounds and music which there really needs to be but back in these days there was a “BOSS BUTTON” that allowed minimization to the desktop in case people were watching you at work. Honestly, I like Mahjong and this is refreshing to play. There are tons of options which I keep talking about which is the highlight of this game and should be recognized by any Mahjong player. Unfortunately, there isn’t any music that goes with it but that is expected for an early title since later Mahjong games include them and get more deviation

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