Deveopled by: Steve Moraff

Published by: MoraffWare

This Mahjongg is part of a compilation of “Jong” Games that Steve Moraff developed for Windows 95. This version is the second in many mahjong games that he created. This is a unique twist to the genre. This game doesn’t include the many backgrounds and tile layouts as its predecessor did.

The Object of the game for those not aware on how to play, You must clear all of the spheres on the screens by matching two spheres together. Each layout has 25 or 18 sets of 4 matching spheres in the beginning but later on you must figure out a way to clear the screen. Only the exposed spheres are able to be selected, exposed spheres are those that have no spheres on the sides or on top of the sphere.

Beautiful sphere adorn this metallic background

This game has different options this time around! One being the different variations on the spheres themselves and the difficulty at which it presents. There is EASY, MEDIUM, BIG LEVEL, EXPERT and the interesting one: ALWAYS POSSIBLE VARIATIONS. This mode is the hardest to play which only allows the tile to be selected only if there is an empty space to the left or right of the sphere. MEDIUM VARIATION takes a different approach as well, this mode only allows you to select sphere that have an empty space either from the top or the bottom.

Figuring out which sphere to choose can be a difficult task

So this is a very different approach to mahjongg in my opinion and it doesn’t take away from the original gameplay that is mahjongg. This is refreshing to play and in some instances can be overwhelming to play seeing that instead of tiles you are playing spheres that are in different colors and textures. The graphics are stimulating to say the least but again there isn’t any music and just click sounds. Again refer to the “Boss Button” in Morejongg. One problem that I believe players will come to is finding which sphere you can select and those you can’t at the very top of the stack. Some are obvious but other aren’t so much. All in all this is a decent game and if you can find it, definitely check it out (If you are into Mahjongg)😊.

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