MacBlaster V1.10

Developer: Earl Gehr

Publisher: Earl Gehr

Released: January 23, 1992

Price: $10.00

Mac Blaster was developed by Earl Gehr and was released in 1992 and you are a computer programmer and have developed a truly great graphic user interface. The Evil Fruit Empire has a monopoly on GUI’s and will try to destroy your computer and throw legal hurtles in your path. Destroy as Many of the Evil Fruit Empires computers and mice as possible while avoiding contact with the self-destructing copyright lawsuits and mice. Beat the empire and give computer users freedom of choice!

The controls are very simple move the computer left and right with the arrow keys and fire rotten apples with the up arrow, also you are given the option to play with the mouse as well. 

Scores and levels are displayed at the bottom of the window and you are awarded 50 points for every level beat, 25 points are given for each computer hit and 10 points for each mouse hit.

As easy as the game looks and sounds, you only have one life for each game played giving it a very difficult setting. Moving with the arrow keys is simple but using the up arrow is somewhat difficult to use seeing as you need pretty good reflexes to dodge copyright signs and mice being shot at you. If the fire button was remapped to another button besides the UP ARROW, then this game would have been much better. Hitting the arrow keys in a fast session gives off a certain nostalgia feel to it but trust me people are definitely going to hear you play this game.

Enemies move back and forth similar in style to space invaders but once an Evil Computer is gone then a space is opened up for a copyright sign to fall down if you enter that area of space.  

Otherwise this is a simple game to play but hard to master only in small doses around the office or on a break. Sorry but you have been MacBlasted!

System Requirements:

  • IBM Compatible Computer with 80289 CPU
  • 1 MEG DRAM
  • VGA graphic card and monitor
  • MS-DOS version 3.3
  • Microsoft Windows  version 3.0

~ Retro Mark

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