Graphically this game isn’t anything special but it does itself justice.

Developer: Erik Janssens

Publisher: Erik Janssens

Release Date: 1994

Price: $10

What is so special about WINFOUR? Well it is in its simplicity. Here we have Connect 4 but called WINFOUR for Windows 95. You are tasked with connecting 4 circles or dots of the same color either diagonally, vertically or horizontally against the computer.

There are various game options to choose from such as allowing Player 1 or Player 2 to go first or switching randomly who goes first, you can choose to go into tournament mode which allows you to select different levels of difficulty between the 2 players which is very interesting allowing challenging gameplay on various terms. Speaking of difficulties there are several to choose from; Random, Dumb, Beginner, Advanced and Expert. Why there is a Dumb difficulty I can’t say but I would have to say that it is a winning game each time for the human player.

The two-player mode which I need to explain is controlled by Player 1 (Human) and Player 2 (Computer). There is isn’t any over the modem connections here, so this is simply against the computer. Tournament mode, which was talked about earlier, allows you to go head to head against the computer and this is where the difficulty selection comes into play. You have the same choices as before but its up to you on how hard you want the computer to play.

Come on who here doesn’t like a good game of Connect four? Well in this case WINFOUR? It’s in the simplicity of the game that makes for a good time but like all games before it, you can’t play this one for far too long with out wanting to turn off the game. If anything, it’s as good as a round of Solitaire.

~ Retro Mark

Reviewed: March 2020

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