Hangman V2.0

Developer: Eric Bergman-Terrell

Publisher: Pocket-Sized Software

Release Date: 11/22/1994

Price: $7.50

Another Hangman but this time its design is just a bit different. When I reviewed Hangman 95, the same applies to this game as well. No matter what you do to Hangman or how many variations come out, it is still Hangman. This time the design isn’t as simple as Hangman 95, the Hangman is not a small stick figure but rather a full fledge colorful plump stick man with a psychotic face. There is a scoreboard at the top left that shows how many games played, games won and it will also show what your winning percentage is. This is all well and good but I really don’t need to see a percent won, that just seems a bit aggravating. Like I said before this is Hangman and nothing more but that isn’t a bad thing. Its something good to pass the time.

~ Retro Mark

Reviewed: 05/24/2020

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