BOG 2 for Windows 95

Bog 2 is a word game similar to Boggle ~ Pocket sized Software

Developer: Eric Bergman-Terrell

Publisher: Pocket Sized Software

Release Date: 1995

Price: $10.00

Ah Boggle for Windows where do I start? Similar to the board game except without the time limit, Boggle or BOG 2 for Windows 95 is a simple yet complicated game. You are tasked with forming different words from sixteen letters all mixed up. The computer will let you know in the beginning how many words can be created from the board itself.

You can select the cubes to form words or type them in using the keyboard. The computer will tell you if the word is valid or not. The words enter cannot be shorter than three words in length or if it cannot be formed from adjacent cubes or use the same word twice. One of the more interesting points of this game is that if the word is not in BOG’s “dictionary” then you can choose to add it to the list of words that it will now know. I think that this could be a double edge sword as you could just make up your own words that have no meaning just to win or it could make for an interesting game of BOG.

Now let’s be honest here, there is limited gameplay here. Could you or would you really want to sit for hours playing this? The answer is No but that doesn’t mean that this game isn’t fun, in short burst because it is. The graphics are bare and there isn’t any sound for this game meaning you could play this at work without the boss knowing. Compared to other Boggle games out there excluding the board game, this one here is better than most out there. Some others require you to be hook up to the Internet to recognize words but this one can be played completely offline.

~Retro Mark

Reviewed: March 2020

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