Board Games for 2

Developer: WinGames, INC

Publisher: WinGames, INC

Release Date: 1994

Price: $14.95

Board Games For 2 was designed to be played with 2 players obviously but the kicker here is that it can be played over a modem (LAN). There are several games to chose from such as Chess, Checkers, Backgammon among other games. All games can either be played from the same PC or over a Modem, Player One is Blue while Player 2 is Red. At the top of the screen is the toolbar that allows you to choose what games you want to play as well as configure the settings.

There are several games to be played and the first is Chess! Its your standard fare of chess and really isn’t anything to WOW here, its Chess nothing more. Next is Backgammon, the rules here are simple, try and remove all your pieces off the board. Next is Checkers, again standard fare for anyone that has played Checkers, remove all of your opponent’s pieces or block them. Next is Goban, now I have never played Goban but the rules are be the first to place five pieces in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. There are even more games such as Race Chase, Fox & Hounds and Pipes.

Board Games for 2 was designed to be as close as possible to actually playing on a real board. Wherever possible, the computer was kept out of the design and the human element in. Only the mundane task, like removing captured pieces or setting up the board, have been automated. This way, you still have the excitement of making a triple jump or playing by your own rules. The results is a true simulation of each of these classic yet timeless board games. ~WinGames, INC

The help file really shines here. Here you are able to read the rules for each game and how to configure the 2 player connections which you are going to need if you ever need to do this. There is not much in terms of graphics or sounds, all seem standard and represent what board games they are? Im not one for these board games because they have limited appeal and really can be played for only a short period of time.

~Retro Mark

Reviewed: March 2020

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