About what I do here

If I can’t convince you, I will confuse you.


I am a gamer tried and true! There are a lot of things about me to learn about so here are a few things!

I love Video Games so much that I use to be an addict. With much help from different Youtubers and self guidance I have turned that addiction to collecting and learning about different things old and new about Video games.

Now I turning this collecting (Or hobby) into something more. I want to preserve video games on my website so that people can remember the good and the bad times of gaming. To show all that your games that you make are here on this site. I know that this is a big undertaking but there are so many games that our current generation gaming and future gaming are built upon.

I want the developers that sat in the basement, theirs dark rooms, staying with their mom’s making shareware, freeware and other games out there to be known!

Join Me on A Never Ending Adventure!

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