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A podcast in which I will talk about everything including games, movies and anime! Get ready for another Adventure!!

The Daily Retro Podcast Ep.2: VG Shopping and How to Collect

The Daily Retro Ep.2 

VG Shopping and How to start Collecting

Hello everyone! Retro Mark Here and Welcome to the Daily Retro Podcast! Today I will be going over several topics about collecting videogames and shopping for them! There are tons of people that ask where I find my videogames and I go into why I rarely shop for them online. Another topic discussed, is retrogaming worth getting into and how can that evolve into collecting.

Topics That are Discussed in todays Podcast:

  • How do I shop for videogames?
  • Is retrogaming worth getting into?
  • The price of video games skyrocketing?
  • Will the retro bubble pop?
  • Steps to collecting

Let me know in the comments below or email me what you want discussed next and also don’t forget to let me know your way of collecting. How did you start out? Is there a method to the madness? There are so many different way of collecting and playing videogames that it is unreal. As all ways thanks for listening in and I will see you on the next Adventure!

~ Retro Mark

The Daily Retro ep.1: The Snyder Cut and DCEU

Finally entering the world of Podcasting!! So let start the Adventure!

Today I will talk about:

-The Justice League: The Snyder Cut!

-Is it better than the theatrical cut? is there any room for improvement?

-What is the fate of the DCEU?

Listen in to find out what are some of the answers to the burning questions and comment below what you guys think!

*Podcast will be available soon! So please be patient!

Lets all find out together!